Why I Like Trading With 24Option

There are a large number of brokers out on the market at present offering binary options but my present top pick that I like trading with is 24Option. This is a broker that has been around for a number of years and has in my opinion, one of the best ranges of trading facilities currently on offer.

trading with 24option From my experience and dealing with them over the years I would say that this is one top broker. I have reviewed below the key features of this broker and why I particularly like their trading platform proposition.


24Option was granted a license to operate in 2012 firstly by the European Union where it was regulated by the Cyprus Financial authority (CYSEC).

Subsequently the company has also been recognized by the UK’s Financial Services Register. This is obviously something that is a vital consideration for any trader when they end up depositing their hard earned cash. You want to be sure that your money is safe and held by a respected and regulated company. In short, traders need to ensure the company they are dealing with is not going to go bust.

Of course even when a company is regulated and operating under the watchful eye of highly respected regulator (think Alpari and the FSA) things can still go wrong. However in this case the prospect of getting your money returned, even after a short wait, is still better than using some dubious non-regulated broker and never seeing it or your money again.

So in terms of regulation and safe trading conditions, 24option hits the mark.

Trading Platform

Of course any discussion of a binary options broker will ultimately lead to a discussion of its trading platform. After all this is the most visible aspect of the solution. Now while the Any Option platform is somewhat difference to what many brokers offer, this is not a bad thing. In fact it is a very good thing.

The trading platform is both inviting and easy to use. Everything is clearly laid out so that you don’t need to bury yourself in the websites faq just to try to work out what is going on.

The platform is web based which means that you operate it in your standard web browser. There is not software to download which means that it is easily accessible wherever you have access to the internet. This is useful for monitoring open positions if you are on the move. There is also a dedicated app if you want to trade from a mobile device. This can be used on both a smart-phone and tablet.

Assets and Returns

There are a huge range of different assets to choose from when it comes to trading with 24Option. Well over 150 different assets can be selected from the key market sectors, including stocks, commodities and the currency markets. Different trading time horizons can be selected for most assets so it is up to you whether you take on short or long term strategies on your account.

All of the key assets and time-frames are covered and I feel that what is provided should be enough for all but the most demanding of traders.

In addition to the great returns on offer, one really nice standout feature of the platform is the ability to pick out the return that you want to make if the contact ends ‘in the money’. You can select from a range of levels on each contract and so determine the profit you win.

This is counterbalanced by the refund that you are paid if the contract ends ‘out of the money’. In fact you can get returns of up to 15% back on your money even if you lose. This helps to provide a great safety net to any trading strategy.

This is a nice feature for new traders who are finding their feet. It also means you can limit your exposure on a particular trading outcome.


Settling on a broker is a matter of personal preference. However from my experience I would rate 24option as the best binary options broker. The main reason for this is that is simple. It does what is expected of it as a broker. It offers a solid trading platform so that you don’t have to worry yourself with anything other than your trading.

In my opinion that is the hallmark of a great broker. Trading with 24Option is simple. They make trading easy and take care of everything. This means that as a trader, you can just concentrate on the important part which is making money.

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